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The challenge

For three decades, Salons Direct has been a cornerstone of the UK salon industry, setting the standard for product quality and customer service due to their passionate and genuinely lovely team. Despite their longstanding reputation, adapting to the digital landscape had proven to be a challenge, particularly in getting their trade customers – who were so used to the cash and carry – to use their online services. Even after launching their first e-commerce site in 2009, trade customers were still hesitant to move online. To bridge this gap, Salons Direct embarked on a journey to uncover a purpose that would not only inspire confidence, but also foster a sense of trust with existing customers.

As well as those existing customers, Salons Direct were also launching their new consumer-facing website, Pampa, as part of the brand family. So, our complete brief was to build a beautiful umbrella brand with a defined purpose and people-led values, that married together the new look and feel of Salons Direct, Pampa, and their salon equipment brand, HOF Beauty – and created a standout for each in a busy marketplace.

The approach

Recognising the need for a unifying purpose and Group brand, Salons Direct Group embarked on a journey with us to redefine their identity. Our approach focused on a compelling purpose with a sophisticated aesthetic, preserving their heritage while embracing growth opportunities. We collaborated closely with Salons Direct to tell their story and ensure it resonated with their people. By crafting a consistent message and experience to drive this, Salons Direct Group could build trust with their existing trade customers, build awareness for new B2C customers, and drive online engagement.

We held workshops with the entire business in order to dig deep and get a feel for the people that make these brands great. We used what their people really had to say to build a purpose and set of values that they can relate to and live and breathe every day. We created 3 new looks for the subsidiaries, grown-up brands and personalities that would pierce through the noise. With the umbrella brand, Salons Direct Group, we built a destination brand for the hair and beauty obsessed, with a purpose to empower people to be the best version of themselves. This evolvement helped to position Salons Direct not just as a source of superior products, but as a trusted partner for salon professionals – by offering unparalleled education, support and guidance every step of the way.

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The results

Our transformation with Salons Direct Group produced tangible results. By embracing a purpose-driven approach and their heritage, we have successfully bridged the gap between its traditional roots and a digital future. Salons Direct Group captured the attention of consumers and trade professionals alike, positioning itself as a trusted partner for the best products, education and expression.

Success comes from within. The alignment of internal culture with external branding has strengthened employee morale and given them clear direction, further enhancing the brand’s reputation as a place to work, as well as their differentiation in the marketplace. The communication and collaboration between teams helped us to seamlessly facilitate the shaping of the Group’s new identity. The internal feeling and culture are now reflected in their external image – and can be used as their standout.​ As a result, Salons Direct Group emerged as a place of authenticity, innovation, and trust, ready for continued success in the evolving landscape of the salon industry.

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