Welcoming our new wellies.

Published on: 03/21/22 11:38 AM


We’re excited to introduce two new members to the MuddyWellies team. It’s been a while, but we found two new boots that are the perfect fit! We can’t wait to hear their ideas and watch them unlock their potential. With our experience and their new ideas, we have the perfect combination. As we always say, “great people make great brands’.

We caught up with our Marketing Execs, Holly and Zena, to get the inside scoop on being MuddyWellies newbies.

What is your day-to-day role at MuddyWellies?

H: I’ll be working on everything marketing – from social media, to copywriting, researching, creating scroll-stopping content, guarding our brand, and making sure our clients feel the love we put into all of the above.

Z: I have had a variety of jobs before coming to MuddyWellies, and this is my first professional experience in Marketing. I am very grateful for Vicky and Lee seeing the potential in me to excel in this industry despite not having worked in Marketing before. In my first two weeks I have already learnt so much, met so many people and have confirmed that I made the right choice to take a leap of faith into a new career. My main responsibilities are content creation and social media, but I want to muck in wherever I can!

What first attracted you to MuddyWellies?

H: I’m most excited about getting my teeth stuck into loads of completely different businesses and understanding a real variety of industries. I’m also excited about being right in the city centre – I’m hoping it means we’ll be booking in some lush team lunches!

Z: I was attracted to two things when I decided to go for this job. The first was the atmosphere – it is the best work environment I have ever been a part of. The second was the amount of experience that I would gain, with so many different tasks and opportunities at my fingertips. The ethos that we need to be ever learning, ever reading and ever evolving is one that resonates throughout us as a team.

What is special about MuddyWellies?

Z: I love the approach that MuddyWellies take with their clients, whether they are a huge corporation or a tiny start up, MuddyWellies treats everyone exactly the same, as a friend. I appreciate the fast but relaxed pace of work here, where there is always something to do but you have the freedom to complete it however you like.

H: It’s their real and honest focus on people that makes MuddyWellies special. After being locked inside our houses for months on end, businesses need to focus on the actual, pressing needs of their people. I love that MuddyWellies is no nonsense when it comes to their own employee wellbeing, and championing this with their clients. Less free beer, more help with burnout.

How do you think great brands and great people go hand in hand? 

H: You can’t have a great brand without great people – I feel like they are essentially the same thing. You wouldn’t have one without the other, like toast without salted butter – it’s criminal. A consistent message across brand and people is what truly makes your business one of a kind.

Z: It’s a symbiotic relationship, like the clownfish and sea anemone. Yes, they can exist separately, but they are so much better together. They work together, grow together and thrive together.

So far so good… We’re learning a lot from each other, and we’re loving two more pairs of hands helping out in the office. These two have taken to it like wellies to mud, and they can’t wait for more projects, growth and team nights out! If you haven’t already met the rest of the team, check out our blog to find out more about our founders.