We are MuddyWellies.

Published on: 09/1/20 5:04 PM


Hello, we’re MuddyWellies. A shiny, new pair – made up of our brilliant left and right boots – running our own brand and people agency. We believe that bringing your brand and culture together is the key to engaged people and customers. So, we’re here to help businesses big or small, take a step in the right direction.

We’ve built it using our own models, practicing what we preach. And now, we’re ready to share our experience, energy, excitement and ideas.

But you might be wondering how we came to be… and what gin, festivals, kids and Covid have to do with our bright, orange boots?

Well, seemingly, not much at all. But, for us, they’ve been the making of MuddyWellies.

If we’re being honest, in our case, it was actually the first name we came up with. It’s like choosing the first outfit you picked after trying on everything in your wardrobe – it just felt right. We wanted a name that we could both relate to, and as mothers of boys, festival lovers and dog owners – gin and wellies were the first two names on the list!

We wanted our name to tell a story, to create emotional engagement and we like to think MuddyWellies did just that – giving an insight into the fun we have, as well as the hard work we put into everything we do.

A pair of welly boots have been with us through the good times ever since we can remember. We remember our first pairs. The first pairs we bought for our children. We’re constantly sharing stories and memories of the good times we’ve had in a pair of wellies – stood in a field, up to our ankles in mud, listening to great music, with even greater friends.

We talked wellies when it comes to hard graft, when we really get stuck in – like farmers spending their days in them, tending to their animals and land. We talked about how wellies come in all shapes, sizes, colours and reflect so many stages in life, personalities and people – a bit like business.

We also thought that everyone would have a good muddy welly story to tell us. As an agency name, it reflects what we hear when we talk to our clients. It’s hard work keeping everyone engaged, it’s tough finding that point of differentiation, or the core purpose to our being and avoiding values becoming just words on a wall. But, when you get it right, it can create such great stories and memories – and deliver such a great business return.

We summed it all up as the feeling you have as a child, when your wellies are on the wrong feet. You’re chuffed you’ve managed to get them on yourself, but something just isn’t right… Luckily, mum or dad steps in to fix them and you’re off!

Well, that’s where we come in. We dig deep, we get muddy, we focus on getting the wellies on the right feet – businesses going in the right direction.

If you’re part of a leadership team or business that believes in the power of blending brand and people, then we want to hear your success stories.

Or, maybe you’re part of a business about to embrace this journey and need some guidance on how to put this strong hybrid at your core – and make it your differentiator. Whatever the reason for reading this blog about our journey, we want you to be part of it. So, at the very least, get sharing your welly stories and pictures with us – on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Here at MuddyWellies, we’re designing perfectly tailored boots for those businesses, blending a single set of core values with your overarching purpose. A completely unique pair of wellies filled to the brim with utterly intangible value.

If you’re up for it – get your wellies on, get ready to dig deep and get a bit muddy. The results will knock your socks off. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and start building your perfect pair.