The Covid Kick.

Published on: 09/1/20 12:25 PM


2020 saw our world change in more ways than one. We saw a global pandemic change the way we worked, our kids’ schools closed, family gatherings postponed, holidays and festivals cancelled – and our gin and wine fuelled get-togethers shift online. And then, unfortunately, we saw our work stop.

You couldn’t write it. But, sadly, it had quickly become our reality.

Anyway, sometimes things happen for a reason. We’re not the type to let that kind of thing keep us down for long. That’s the spirit that led us to creating MuddyWellies and the attitude we will always keep. The rollercoaster we’ve ridden through Covid is the reason that we can write this blog today. We’ve genuinely never felt so excited about getting to our desks on a Monday, working the hours needed to make things happen and seeing where our journey is going to take us.

To give you an idea of our teamwork, the kind of pair we are, we thought we could try compare ourselves to another powerful partnership. We work together like Thelma and Louise, without the tragic ending, or Laurel and Hardy, with a little less of the slapstick. But, after much deliberation, we realised we’re most like an ice-cold Gin & Tonic. Or, even better, a pair of wellies… Because, in all these cases, we wouldn’t want one without the other, right?

So, here is our story. This is how we got to where we are today, the 1st September 2020.

It all started when we met, 8 years ago now. Lee was working with a brand agency and Vicky was Head of People. At the time, this little company went by the name of Appliances Online. Together, with a senior team who believed in the undeniable power of uniting brand and people, and a leader, John Roberts, who had a clear vision and aspirations – we built a superbrand. During this time, we formed a powerful connection, which led us to launching the Appliances Online rebrand to at the beginning of 2013.

Our paths continued to cross for a good, few years – and the fireworks never stopped. Each time we were together we raised the bar, creating brand-driven experiences and people-engaging initiatives that created talkability. We just had such a genuine connection.

In 2017, with Vicky now at Sorted as People Director and Lee still driving brand initiatives as a consultant, our paths were destined to cross again, and we spent 3 glorious years building the Sorted brand; driving awareness, building a powerful culture with purpose and creating unstoppable teams.

In 2020, the world changed and so did ours, but our energy and enthusiasm for what we believed in, didn’t. We understood, in detail, what worked and what didn’t. In fact, it made us realise that a powerful blended core of brand and people were what businesses needed now, more than ever.

So, here we are, finding strength during uncertain times, running our own agency. We’ve built it using our own models, practicing what we preach. And now, we’re sharing our experience, energy, excitement and ideas with businesses of all sizes. Our only criteria is believing in the power of uniting brand and people. Or, at the very least, being prepared to understand how putting this strong hybrid at your core, can become your differentiator – and the key to your company’s success.

As for the name MuddyWellies. Well, we’ve got a whole piece on what it means to us – and where you can let us know what it means to you too. If you’ve experienced a bit of a muddy business challenge this year due to Covid, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether you’re just taking your first steps when it comes to blending your brand and people, or your boots are in need of a shine, we’re on hand to help your business dig deep. The results will knock your socks off.