Meet the founders.

Published on: 09/1/20 1:22 PM


So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our left and right boots…

Lee & Vicky

It’s been a whirlwind month for this spectacular pair, as they’ve spent every day building out the MuddyWellies model and approach. With 8 years of collaboration and curiosity behind them, Vicky and Lee have created a powerful new agency, focusing on an issue that has become more prevalent than ever during the global pandemic – blending your employer and customer-facing brands.

Because, just like your wellies, you wouldn’t have one boot bigger than the other. Together with their varying backgrounds in boosting people and brand teams, our Co-Founders are planning to create the perfect blend for businesses big and small across the North West.

Lee Thawley – Left boot and Co-founder.

Lee is your adjustable, neoprene navy blue welly. These boots are reliable, tough and a little bit of what you really need. Her biggest concern may be keeping her feet warm and dry, but she still loves to co-ordinate her outfit with matching socks or earrings.

Fixated on building powerful brands for everyone, Lee comes with a wealth of experience in brand creation and re-creation. She’s certified in the creation of brand-driven marketing strategies and joined-up customer and employee experience development. And, if she could, she would spend every day creating ideas that push boundaries, but deliver results. (Oh wait. She does that anyway.)

Her knowledge and experience span an eclectic mix of clients, including Royal Bank of Scotland,, Sorted, Halfords, Authentic Food Company, Liberty Flights, GUS, Portmeirion, Green Flag and Mercedes-Benz.

The kind of thing she loves to get up to in her wellies include, a gin or red wine tipple (not always at the same time), camping, festivals, skiing and France. Yes, the entire country of France – and everything about it.

And when she’s not transforming companies into superbrands, her 2 teenage boys and an Italian Spinone called Hector are running her off her feet – luckily, with the support of her very patient partner, Justin.

Vicky Pritchard – Right boot and Co-founder.

Vicky is your high gloss, style over function black welly. These boots make a statement, bringing the energy and sparkle to any challenge. Her biggest concern is how to keep her boots clean, so they stand out and how to co-ordinate high gloss with her colourful nails and outfit.

Vicky is all about the people – she walks into a room and instantly fills it with her positive vibrant personality – truly contagious.  Her experience and initiatives at both Sorted and AO has resulted in the creation of two of the North West most talked about and admired businesses.

Winning awards for best mid-sized company to work for by the Sunday Times in both 2013 and 2014 and Prolific North’s most ‘Inspired Spaces’, as well as delivering enviable results for recruitment, onboarding and employee engagement initiatives. Her ability to attract engage and develop people combined with her brand knowledge is as powerful as her homemade gin & tonics.

Outside of MuddyWellies Vicky loves festivals, gin and red wine (you can see why these two get on…), crispy belly pork, all things Zara and her family and friends. When she’s not digging deep in her boots, she’s organising (in her loveable control freak way) everyone and everything creating amazing memories for everyone including Dawson her ‘going to break hearts’ son.

If you couldn’t already tell, these robust boots live and breathe brand, people and purpose. They’re ready to put in the hard graft with businesses and leaders that are totally onboard with putting this strong, new hybrid of teams at the core of everything they do.

If you’re ready to lead with this focus, or just want to learn more about the benefits of blending your brand and people – no matter what stage you’re at – do it the MuddyWellies way. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and start building your perfect pair.