Diary of a Working Teen

Published on: 05/4/22 3:40 PM


My name’s Emma, I’m 15, and this is the diary of a working teen. This week I had an amazing opportunity to do my work experience at MuddyWellies and so, day by day, I wrote this blog about everything I’ve been up to! I have really enjoyed my time here and it’s been so interesting to have a bit of a taster of the working world.



My first day at MuddyWellies! And my first commute to work. I got the train into Manchester with Lee and met Holly in the office. They explained to me what the business is all about, I learnt about each client, what they both get up to every day, and what I’d be doing for the week. I really enjoyed the more flexible timings of the day in comparison to the structure of school, especially having the chance to get lunch out! We headed out to grab some sushi in central Manchester where Holly tried to teach Lee and I how to use chopsticks properly… we’re definitely going to need some more practise.

In the afternoon, I did some deeper research and looked at the MuddyWellies website, blogs, socials and at some of their recent client work. This was a good chance to get stuck into the MuddyWellies world, I got a much better understanding of what they’re all about – and it really helped a lot with my tasks later in the week.


I had a bit of a shocker with an earlier start on Tuesday, as we were getting to a client’s office in Bolton for a breakfast meeting where Lee was presenting. The general theme of the meeting was retention – how to keep your employees at your company – which was something I’d never even thought about before! Lee talked about how essential ‘belonging’ was to people, that finding purpose in their jobs can be a great motivation, and other speakers talked about how benefits and wellbeing have changed so much since the pandemic. I took notes, photos, and learnt more about business in a few hours than I’d ever done at school!


We were back in the office on Wednesday. I wrote a summary of what Lee had discussed in yesterday’s meeting, and how this worked hand in hand with what the two other speakers had mentioned. I think this will be going into a blog of its own, so I’ve been told to tell you to keep an eye out for that one. After a bit of lunch and a good chat in the canteen with Lee and Holly, I did some research on some topics needed for Friday’s workshop (with a new client!). I genuinely had a really nice and productive day. It’s nice to get home and feel like you’ve achieved so much.


Another great office day with Lee and Holly, at this point I was used to the train – I don’t get the train often – but it was starting to feel a lot more natural. It’s a lot better than the bus to school anyway. The journey in was a good opportunity to catch up with Lee about MuddyWellies, about work, ask her any questions, and learn as much as I could. It’s given me a lot to think about when it comes to what I want to do after my GCSEs.

Thursday was a big day in terms of what happens in the MuddyWellies office, as the pressure was on to make sure Friday’s workshop was absolutely perfect for the client. So, we spent the day getting our heads down and preparing – the workshop is a huge PowerPoint full of videos, information, and exercises. So, Lee and Holly had taught me the best way to proof-read and edit it, as well as preparing statistics and getting the posters wrapped up, ready to transport to the venue with the rest of the workshop kit.


We were up early again on Friday to get set up at King Street Townhouse, where the workshop was held. It was gorgeous inside; we were in a conference room that overlooked the (very posh looking) bar. And we got the best lunch of the week – loads of fancy butties and chips! The workshop was so insightful, I really enjoyed watching Lee talk everyone through what makes a great brand. She really knows her stuff and I’ve learnt so much from her this week. Interestingly, I also learnt that the word ‘orientated’ isn’t a word, it’s ‘oriented’ – we’ve made up the word ‘orientated’ because of the word ‘orientation’, and this is called back-formation. By the end of the workshop, I was ready for my last commute home before school… a bit knackered, but at least we got an early Friday finish!

This week was really beneficial to me, and I’ve learnt more than I ever thought I would on work experience. Huge thanks to Lee and Holly for helping, teaching me and generally just being great people to work with. I’m so grateful for everything they’ve done with me and wish I could stay here for longer! Maybe see you both in a few years…