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The challenge

This business needed a brand refresh that would reflect the brilliant team of people behind it. We needed to help ValueLights (previously LSE Retail Group) to revolutionise their customer journey and experience for value lighting – with the addition of some key hires who would help to bring the energy needed.  

The main challenge – streamlining the brands with some big thinking, uncovering a clear vision and building a team that is 100% engaged. The end goal being a brand that can drive its own destination, attracting and retaining like-minded talent along with engaging and exciting the next generation of ValueLights customers. 

The Approach

Through meeting with the SMT in our 1-to-1s, we began our deep dive, gathering info on structure, competitors and consumers, as well as current employee engagement, benefits and development. We used this to build out questionnaires and deliver our brand workshops with the entire team.  

Evaluating what we had learnt from the questionnaire responses and workshop activities, we explored the current brand identity, equity and created a new brand key – including values, TOV, positioning statement and rallying calls. After we visualised this and brought it to life, we worked with Danny Barrasso (CEO) to launch ValueLights to the team.  

The launch day was held in their own warehouse, surrounded by huge towers of stock and followed with pizza, cupcakes, merch and lots of excitement in the kitchen.  

The Result

A beautiful brand that represents a hard-working team. A team that is totally engaged with their work, their values, and the bigger picture – with engagement nearly doubling from one survey to the next, just 6 months later.  

We provided assets and guidelines for the team, ensuring the new TOV, messaging and digital assets were understood and ready to be used. We have since assisted with the creation of their new website, campaigns, their office re-vamp to include the new branding and make it feel like home – as well as with their recruitment, onboarding and employee development plan.  

We can’t wait to watch ValueLights continue to grow and become the go-to people for lighting.  


4 weeks after taking over LSE Retail Group, it was clear that a full turnaround was required – a lifeless, unknown brand with a broken culture. MuddyWellies understood our challenge around brand refresh and helped us shape our vision, purpose and values and rebrand to ValueLights. The development has been simply extraordinary in such a short period of time. Their boundless energy, knowledge and execution is second to none. It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made when recruiting an agency. And we’ll continue to work with the team to further develop our business to become “the go-to people for lighting.

Danny Barrasso, CEO at ValueLights

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