Ribble Case Study

The Challenge.

Ambitious growth trajectory, rapid growth in ranges and increased customer expectations meant that what Ribble Cycles was synonymous for now needed to be codified so that it was not lost as they continued with their growth plans. They knew it was down to the team, but what was it? We were about to help them find out.

The Approach.

Workshop, questionnaires, immersive sessions across the business, and we soon realised that belief, focus, determination, and teamwork were the answers, but this had never been added to the brand story. That magic in the people needed to be elevated and celebrated.

“We knew we had something special at Ribble but couldn’t quite put our finger on it. Calling in The Wellies was the best decision we made.”

Matt Lawson, Chief Digital Officer at Ribble.

They engaged everyone in the business and the output was spot on. In fact, we knew it, but we didn’t know how to capture and create that layer to add to our brand proposition.

Matt Lawson, Chief Digital Officer at Ribble.

Their amazing work on the positioning and values, identified through their process, has resulted in us putting it at the core of everything we do - whether that’s through the recruitment and development of our teams, or the layer of personality in our marketing communications. That Ribble ‘magic’, which was always there, has now come alive – an investment that will keep returning for a very long time.

Matt Lawson, Chief Digital Officer at Ribble.

The Result

The purpose was defined, the magic was summarised, and the values were aligned to fit with the solid external brand created. Priority is now being given to recruitment, employee engagement and the creation of team toolkits so that the purpose and values are owned and the Ribble magic is delivered every day.

To celebrate this work and the inclusion of everyone, an offsite event was planned to launch the ‘magic‘ initiative and ensure that everyone felt involved, empowered, excited and ready for the next wave of growth.

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