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Hedges Direct

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The Challenge.

Hedges Direct was on an exciting journey. The potential for scale and growth for the business is exciting, but with that comes the need to take the teams on the transition journey. Engaging and exciting the teams as the business and brand evolve needed careful management and change.

The Approach.

As part of this process, we worked with every team in the business to understand what they did and how they worked. To see where the growing pains were appearing and understand how people thought they could help overcome them.

The environment where the teams worked was not fit for purpose now, and growth has resulted in overcrowding. Many teams were working from home and couldn’t come back into the office post lockdown as there wasn’t room, and as such, teams were becoming deflated, engagement was limited, and an injection of change was needed.

The Result

Additional office space was acquired, and with a blank canvas, we worked with every team in the business to understand their frustrations and needs to create an environment that worked for everyone. The brand came to life on the walls, and the workspaces layouts became more inclusive and collaborative. Every working environment was considered and created – quiet work, team, meetings, collaboration, and time out to chat.

The change has shifted the mindset of so many people positively. They are ready to embrace change and growth, and there is a real sense of worth, creativity, and improved productivity. All set for the next wave of growth.

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