Ello Case Study

The Challenge.

With people and brands spread across 3 offices, teams were feeling the distance between them and letting it put a strain on their relationships and collaboration.

They needed a purpose, culture and personality that would bring each Ello Group brand under one umbrella, to truly reflect the people within, to bring every office back together – and feel connected again.

The Approach.

Multiple workshops, immersion sessions, employee questionnaires, and time with every single person in the team helped us to create values that were built around the input of their people and the ways they help the business to grow.

We worked closely with the Ello Group in-house creative team to ensure the look and feel of the new brand reflected the work we had completed with the wider team.

Bringing each office to life with the aspects of the business that relate to everyone – their exciting new brand, values… and a hint of humour. A daily reminder that they have a purpose and goal to work towards, and that each person has a part to play.

From a talent attraction point of view, feedback from our new starters on why they joined has been that the culture was the biggest pull for them.

Laura Willis, Engagement Manager at Ello Group.

Muddy Wellies helped take the essence of the company and translate that ‘feeling’ into a tangible, relatable, mission with a clear set of values. Having that sense of united identity and purpose not only helps us stand out to candidates, but it also pulls our existing people together to help achieve our mission.

Laura Willis, Engagement Manager at Ello Group.

The Result.

A shared mission for the entire business, a rallying call that underpins everything they do. A purpose that perfectly encapsulates why each person comes to work every day. ‘Make amazing happen’ – it comes from their people and empowers them every day.

Engaging people with experiences they’ll love. It’s their reason for existing as a brand. It’s their commitment to clients, to each other and to everyone they meet on their journey.

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