We help you find your feeling.

We’ve worked in some of the biggest organisations in the world. We’ve helped create brands built to last, grown small teams into massive departments, and recruited top talent to help local, national and global businesses thrive.

We’re the brand people. The people people. The MuddyWellies.

And we know what it’s all about. An atmosphere, an approach, a culture – one that comes from within your organisation, from within your people. It’s a feeling – and we want to help as many businesses as we can to find that feeling.

So we’re the ones who come in and listen to  your employees. The ones who define and align a strong, effective culture. The ones who transform your brand with powerful creative that attracts new talent, retains current staff, keeps your teams happy and helps you grow.


We’re curious so we dig deep into your organisation to uncover exactly what your business needs.


We’re creative so we build big brands and craft powerful campaigns that engage employees, stakeholders and customers.


We’re committed to uniting your brand and your people to help you realise your full potential.

The Key.

We are the key that unlocks your next stage of rapid, sustainable growth.

The Queens of Neoprene.
Lee Thawley
Lee Thawley
Left boot and Co-founder

The brand one. Lee is all about the tough, flexible, practical boots. The wellies that’ll see you through any type of mud.

Lee is your adjustable, neoprene navy blue welly. These boots are reliable, tough and a little bit of what you really need. Her biggest concern may be keeping her feet warm and dry, but she still loves to co-ordinate her outfit with matching socks or earrings. Fixated on building powerful brands for everyone, Lee comes with a wealth of experience in brand creation and re-creation. She’s certified in the creation of brand-driven marketing strategies and joined-up customer and employee experience development. And, if she could, she would spend every day creating ideas that push boundaries, but deliver results. (Oh wait. She does that anyway.) Her knowledge and experience span an eclectic mix of clients, including Royal Bank of Scotland, AO.com, Sorted, Halfords, Authentic Food Company, Liberty Flights, GUS, Araldite, Portmeirion, Green Flag and Mercedes Benz. The kind of thing she loves to get up to in her wellies include a gin or red wine tipple (not always at the same time), camping, festivals, skiing and France. Yes, the entire country of France - and everything about it. And when she’s not transforming companies into superbrands, her 2 teenage boys and an Italian Spinone called Hector are running her off her feet - luckily, with the support of her very patient partner, Justin.

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Vicky Pritchard
Vicky Pritchard
Right boot and Co-founder

The people one. Vicky is all about the statement boots. The wellies that stand out, turn heads, and get you noticed.

Vicky is your high gloss, style over function black welly. These boots make a statement, bringing the energy and sparkle to any challenge. Her biggest concern is how to keep her boots clean so they stand out and how to co-ordinate high gloss with her colourful nails and outfit. Vicky is all about the people – she walks into a room and instantly fills it with her positive, vibrant personality - it’s truly contagious. Her experience and initiatives at both Sorted and AO have resulted in the creation of two of the North West’s most talked about and admired businesses. She’s won awards for best mid-sized company to work for by the Sunday Times in both 2013 and 2014, as well as Prolific North’s most ‘Inspired Spaces’ - all the while, delivering enviable results for recruitment, onboarding and employee engagement initiatives. Her ability to attract, engage and develop people, combined with her brand knowledge, is as powerful as her homemade gin & tonics. Outside of MuddyWellies, Vicky loves festivals, gin and red wine (you can see why these two get on...), crispy belly pork, anything from Zara - and, of course, her family and friends. When she’s not digging deep in her boots, she’s organising (in her loveable, control freak way) everyone and everything. But she’s constantly creating amazing memories for everyone, including Dawson - her ‘going to break hearts’ son.

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Plus an army of wellies, fit for purpose

Building brands, empowering people, creating cultures and inspiring success – it’s not something we do alone.  

But every organisation is different. Every business has different challenges, different ambitions, different needs. So we bring in the right wellies for the task, every time. The functional ones that don’t mess around. The specialist ones that get proper stuck in. The dedicated ones that get results.

Internal or external, employees or customers, people or brand - we’re here to help.
Engage your people

Discover what really makes your team tick and create a culture that captures the essence of your business, attracts the top talent and retains the very best people, through deep strategic insight, personal interviews and interactive workshops.

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Build your brand

Using the power of your people and the potential of your business, we define, develop, create and evolve a stunning brand that both your employees and customers will love.

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